Construction Time Lapse Melbourne: Stunning Time-Lapse Videos


Capture Point Media are the industry leaders when it comes to time-lapse video production. We help Melbourne construction companies capture great action shots that they can be proud to show off, and remote monitoring services.


Our experienced videographers have a great track record in property development time-lapse videos, collaborating with major players in commercial and civil construction across Melbourne and Greater Victoria. 


Our time-lapse services will help you manage your next construction project, leave a lasting impression on investors and draw in new clients.


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Document Your Next Project With Stunning Time-Lapse Videos.


Amplify your next construction project with our exclusive offer – Receive 3 MONTHS FREE advanced time-lapse system monitoring and video production when you opt-in to any 12-month contract.


  • Easily adjust your shooting schedule without being on-site.
  • Access your project’s gallery and monitor progress remotely.
  • Review images from any stage of your project.
  • Download single images for project reports.
  • Effortlessly post individual images to your social platforms.


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Melbourne specialists in time-lapse videos and drone photography for construction projects.

Our Services.


Capture Point Media provides superior time-lapse videos for commercial builds and renovations. We use high quality time-lapse cameras, paired with our technical photography expertise to capture the action in all the right angles.


We know our way around a construction site well, so you can trust us for a hassle-free partnership. Whether your project spans months or years, our seasoned time-lapse specialists will guide you in selecting optimal shoot locations and capturing key scenes.

Benefits of Construction Time-Lapse Videos.


Our time-lapse videos are customised and branded with your company and project logos. They prove highly effective for drawing the attention of potential clients, investors, or stakeholders, making them ideal for project management and marketing initiatives.


Time-lapse videos will showcase your company’s expertise in a visually memorable manner. Moreover, time-lapse videos enable you to succinctly display your project’s progress stages, conveying its scale and complexity. Viewers can easily follow your company’s key milestones and achievements in a concise and engaging format.

Why Choose Capture Point Media?


At Capture Point Media, we are committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients. Because every construction project is unique with its own requirements and photographic challenges, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we capture the full scope and spirit of their project.


When it comes to project managing or marketing your commercial build, you want to make sure that your investment is paying off. A lot of planning and expertise goes into creating a time-lapse video, and if the footage isn’t captured right the first time, the error cannot be undone.


Capture Point Media has years of photography expertise under our belt, the right time-lapse equipment, and necessary certifications to get the job done. Our aim is for our clients to have a worry-free experience working with us. 

Recording Victoria’s Construction Industry Projects With The Latest Technology.


From residential homes, roads, transport, parks, hospitals, schools and aged-care facilities; Victoria’s building and construction industry is a highly important sector to the state.


With major suburbs experiencing recent property growth, The industry is showing no signs of slowing down. More importantly than ever construction companies need to work hard to stand out competitively in the marketplace.


Cutting-edge technology like time-lapse cameras can easily capture vital documentation on construction sites of all sizes. These specialised time-lapse cameras allow you to view progress photos and videos of the different construction phases and also help to create publicity for your company.


Capture Point Media maintains the highest of photography standards, featuring high-resolution digital photos and videos that offer diverse perspectives of your project. Plus, we handle the crucial data storage aspect, cementing our reputation as a dependable partner for your needs.

Time-Lapse Videos To Help With Your Company’s Marketing Strategy.


A time-lapse video serves as a dynamic showcase of your work’s quality, benefiting investors, building partners, and prospective clients alike. It seamlessly integrates into your marketing materials, elevating your brand’s presence.


This visual medium underscores your team’s capability to deliver exceptional results, a crucial advantage in competitive bidding scenarios. Time-lapse videos condense a development project’s journey, covering ground excavation, building progress, topping out, and even demolition stages.

Whether you operate in Melbourne or Greater Victoria, we can help document your project easily and effortlessly. For more details about our property development time-lapse video production services, reach out to us at Capture Point Media today. We’re eager to discuss your project and provide a customized quote.